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Series: Yokai Girls

Ghost Ship
妖怪少女 - モンスガ | Youkai Shoujo - Monsuga
Story & Art by:
Kazuki Funatsu

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Nishizuru Yatsuki has always considered himself a fairly normal guy–he’s graduated from school, works a part-time job, and has never had a girlfriend. Yet he does have one unusual ability: he can see yokai spirits! He usually copes with these ghostly visions by ignoring them…until he meets a mysterious young woman named Rokka. Now his normal days have taken a notably abnormal turn, as Yatsuki finds himself the sole defender of some sexy supernatural yokai!


Yokai Girls Vol. 1

Release Date: 2018/01/02
Price: $12.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-947804-02-9

Yokai Girls Vol. 2

Release Date: 2018/03/06
Price: $12.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-947804-03-6

Yokai Girls Vol. 3

Release Date: 2018/06/05
Price: $12.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-947804-05-0

Yokai Girls Vol. 4

Release Date: 2018/09/18
Price: $12.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-947804-13-5

Yokai Girls Vol. 5

Release Date: 2018/11/06
Price: $12.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-947804-16-6