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Series: Creature Girls: A Field Journal in Another World

Ghost Ship
科学的に存在しうるクリーチャー娘の観察日誌 | Kagaku-teki ni Sonzai shiuru Creature Musume no Kansatsu Nisshi
Story & Art by:

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An all-new Mature Readers manga about monster girls for fans of Monster Girl Encyclopedia!

Kurimusubi Daisuke, a man fascinated by the complex zoology of monster girls in fiction, one day finds himself transported to a world full of them! When he encounters an arachne named Neya who needs his help, Daisuke rushes to help her–which begins his new life of meeting (and researching) the beautiful creatures around him. These monstrous ladies show him that he has a lot to learn, and Daisuke never dreamed he’d be able to satisfy his passion for monster girls like this!