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Welcome aboard Ghost Ship--an imprint of Seven Seas Entertainment dedicated to sexy manga for mature readers! Distributed exclusively by Diamond Book Distributors, Ghost Ship books can be found at most retailers in both print and digital formats.

Note: Due to the mature nature of Ghost Ship content, some books are not available on all digital platforms

Recent Ghost Ship News

Seven Seas’ Ghost Ship Imprint Delivers a New World of Monster Girls with License of CREATURE GIRLS: A FIELD JOURNAL IN ANOTHER WORLD Manga for Mature Audiences

September 21st, 2018

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the license acquisition—both print and digital—of Creature Girls: A Field Journal in Another World by KAKERU, a new mature readers manga about monster girls for our Ghost Ship imprint! Kurimusubi Daisuke, a man fascinated by the complex zoology of monster girls in fiction, one day finds himself transported […]

Seven Seas Launches New Ghost Ship Imprint to Deliver Mature Manga Through Diamond Book Distributors, Including New Titles YUUNA AND THE HAUNTED HOT SPRINGS and WORLD’S END HAREM

October 11th, 2017

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the launch of an all-new imprint through Diamond Book Distributors: Ghost Ship, a line of specialty titles for mature fans. The Ghost Ship imprint will include previously announced manga and two new license acquisitions, both in print and digital formats: Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs by Tadahiro […]

Seven Seas Eases Your Troubles with Release of TO LOVE RU and TO LOVE RU DARKNESS Manga Series

April 21st, 2017

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the license acquisition–both print and digital–of the To Love Ru and To Love Ru Darkness manga series by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki! To Love Ru first appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump and To Love Ru Darkness ran in Jump Square. Rito Yūki is your average high school […]

You’ve Never Seen Monster Girls Like These in Seven Seas release of YOKAI GIRLS

April 19th, 2017

Seven Seas Entertainment is excited to announce the license acquisition–both print and digital–of the Yokai Girls manga series by Kazuki Funatsu, a sexy action-comedy of monster (girl) proportions! Nishizuru Yakki has always considered himself a fairly normal guy–he’s graduated from school, works a part-time job, and has never had a girlfriend. Yet he does have […]